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Simply screw in the 13 supplied brass hooks to the wooden playing board, hang the board from a nail or screw and get ready to play!

Natural Wooden Board which can be personalised

13 x Brass Hooks, 6 plastic Throwing Tokens

Adults will love this test of skill, dexterity, coordination and mathematics skills just as much as the Children. Several game variations described in the detailed instructions (included)

Children – Height of 140cm, the distance of 160cm. Adults – Height of 160cm, a distance of 180cm

Diameter: 30/35cm, Thickness: 2cm.

Includes:  1 x Board,  12 x Rings & 13 x Still Hooks.

Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor activity 

fun game of hand/eye coordination:

A Traditional, safe and well-made, The Hooked Ring Toss game is fun for all the family. (You just might find the Adults playing as much as the Children!). 
A well-established favourite which develops the same hand/eye co-ordination as darts, without the small holes in door and walls or risks of injury to younger players.

Our set includes the high quality, natural wooden board, 13 easy to screw in hooks, and 12 plastic throwing rings (6 for one team, 6 for second team). 

The game not only develops throwing, coordination and dexterity, but the scoring of the game will enable your child to develop key maths skills. Different game variations encompass addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Ready to play – everything included: When un-boxing the game, the first thing you’ll notice is the beautifully designed board – the sharp detail on the numbers. The weight of it is substantial enough to hang and not move, but still easy to pack up for travel, or talking to friends. 
The classic simplicity of the design also works well with any décor.

The round wooden board is approx 2cm thick and 30/35cm in diameter. We also supplied a handy mounting clip at the top of the board, for easy hanging from any suitable hook, nail or thumbtack.

The 65mm plastic throwing discs are neatly trimmed and well finished and above all safe. No risk of injury or incidental damage.

The pack of 13 bronze hooks screw in easily to the pre-made holes on the board and leave approx 3cm of exposed length leading to the hook. Enough length to make the game challenging, but not too difficult.

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